Monday, April 4, 2011

Say Anything

I had forgotten about this Blog. I am not an expert on anything to do with music but I still have opinions. Sometimes people offer to trade CDs with me and I always accommodate them. When I play their CD quite often I feel cheated by the low quality of the CD I received in trade. Mine are professionally recorded in a studio and everything is mixed well. The music does not drown out the performer's voice. My covers are professionally designed by a graphics artist and the printing is done in a printing shop - not on a color copier. Cowboy Slim out of Nashville has CDs that are inexpensively made but he is an exception to the rule. I love all his songs. I love to attend songwriter festivals, especially the ones in Nashville and Gulf Shores. I enjoy meeting other musicians and hearing them perform. Some are great, some are awful and lots are in between. It's a good life if you stay fit and don't let drinking control your life. When you are performing somewhere you are working and you should NOT drink on the job. When I come back I may talk about my watching Rock & Roll being born.
What we need are listeners. Don't give up.

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